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Onboarding your athletic program
Onboarding your athletic program

Learn how to get your staff set up using sportsYou

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Onboarding an athletic department

Creating your own account

1. Before getting your coaches started create your own account.

  • Go to

  • Download App in Google Play or the App Store

2. Use your email and/or phone number to get started.

  • To avoid duplicate accounts be sure to use the same login information when using both the app & website .

3. Once you have created your account you can then determine the next step for your coaches to use sportsYou.

  • Option 1- Create all teams for your Coaches

  • Option 2- Let your coaches create their own teams and have them invite you to join.

Creating Teams

Option 1: Create all teams for your Coaches

  • Creating the teams for your coaches will allow you to:

    • Oversee all posts, calendars and files shared.

    • Multi Post - You can post the same message to multiple teams at once.

      • Ex: Fund Raiser, Team Stores, Cancellations

    • View all scheduled events on one calendar.

    • Change event details and send notifications to members.

    • Add coaches to the teams and give them admin rights.

    • Adjust team/group settings that fit your administration

Option 2: Let your coaches create their own teams.

  • This puts the responsibility on the coach to create the team and not the AD.

  • Coaches can create their own team or teams.

  • You can join these teams later by having an admin of the team invite you via email or by giving you the access code.

  • If you would like to become an admin, it will require a current admin of the team to make you one.

Adjust your team settings

  • Choose to Allow Members to Chat

  • Approve Non-Admin Posts.

  • Allow members to only chat Admins.

To learn how to adjust your team settings click here

Adding Members

  • Add as many members to your team or group as you would like.

  • All members are notified of chats, posts, and calendar events in real-time via mobile app push notifications.

Make Admins & Photographers

  • A team/group Admin can post freely on the feed, add/delete members, manage calendar, and manage settings.

  • A team/group Photographer can post photos and videos to the team/group feed, Media section, and does not need Admin approval for posts.

  • There is no limit to the number of admins and photographers per team.

Communicate with your team

Posting to a feed:

  • The feed gives coaches the ability to mass message an entire team.

  • Multi post to more than one team.

  • Post photos, videos, files and polls.

  • Disable comments on a post.

  • Admins can see who has viewed posts.

  • Create colored text posts.

  • “Pin a post” to stay at the top of the team feed.

  • No character limits.

  • See who has viewed the post

Sending a team chat:

  • Admins can customize names of chats as well as pick and choose who they want to message. Learn how to create a custom team chat here.

  • Add photos, videos, and files.

  • Disable replies.

  • No character limits.

  • See who has viewed the chat.

Update your team/group calendar

  • Real-time updates.

  • create an Event or Game.

  • Add location with Google Maps integration

  • Add attachments

  • Add an event or game to multiple calendars at once (Web version only)

  • Repeat events

  • View & edit attendance

  • Export/subscribe to sportsYou calendars

  • Import external calendars

Calendar Resources

  • Create Calendar Events/Games video

  • Export/Subscribe to sportsYou Calendar Video

  • Import External Calendar Video

Other Uses for sportsYou

sportsYou is designed to help coaches but can be used in various ways to help better communicate and manage other groups within your organization.

  • Coaches Group

    • Share professional development, practice schedules, announcements with your entire staff.

  • Community Group

    • Share announcements, highlights, awards, game schedules etc… with local community.

  • School Athletics Group

    • Share announcements, highlights, awards, game schedules etc… with all members of the school.

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