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Chat: Common Questions
Chat: Common Questions
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Managing Chats

Learn more about utilizing the chat feature in this article!

Can a chat be deleted?

Yes, the admin has the ability to delete chats threads. However, individual chat messages can not be deleted.

Can I access chats if they have been deleted?

Yes, school administrators have the ability to request chats from all members of their school upon request.

I don’t want to receive chats from this user

You have the ability to block users if you no longer would like to receive chat messages from another user. To do so, go to Chat > select the conversation with the user > Tap three dots in the top right > select Block User.

Can I send a one-way chat?

Yes, admins have the ability to select disable replies when creating a team or group chat. To disable replies, go to Chats > select Team Chat > tap the three dots in the top right > Disable Replies.

Can I silence a chat?

Yes, you can mute a chat notifications for a team chat by going to Chats > select the chat you would like to mute > tap the gear icon > select Mute Notifications.

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