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Securely Sharing Your sportsYou Team Code
Securely Sharing Your sportsYou Team Code

Advice for sharing your team/group code

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Joining a sportsYou Team: Best Practices for Sharing the Team Code

Joining a sportsYou team allows you to collaborate with coaches, players, and parents to organize games, practices, events, and more. Once an admin sets up a sportsYou team, they will be provided with a unique team code to share with team members in order to allow them to join. Here are some best practices around sharing this team code:


  • Share the code directly with players and parents. The easiest way to make sure everyone gets the team code is to send it out yourself over email, text, or printed handouts. Do not rely solely on word-of-mouth.

  • Emphasize that the code should only be shared with members of your team. For privacy and security reasons, ensure that players and parents know not to share the code publicly or with anyone outside of the team.

  • Set a deadline for members to join. Let your team know by when you would like them to sign up using the shared team code to streamline the process.


  • Post the team code publicly on social media or public forums. Doing so allows anyone to join your team, even if they are not affiliated.

    • if you want to post team or group codes to your website, we recommend that the page that hosts the codes is not searchable by search engines. Here is an article you can share with your website administrator to make sure that a page isn’t searchable.

    • You can also visit your team or group settings to make sure only Admins can post, or have it so Admins have to approve any posts made by non-admins.

  • Reuse old team codes. We suggest you generate a new team code each season or year to ensure only current members can join.

  • Assume everyone received the code through word-of-mouth. Directly sharing the code yourself eliminates any miscommunications.

Using these simple best practices around sharing your sportsYou team code will allow you to seamlessly connect with your members in just a few clicks while maintaining privacy and security. If at any time unwanted members join your sportsYou team, you have the ability to remove them. Reach out to the sportsYou support team if you have any other questions around managing your sportsYou set-up.

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